Best Forex Signals: GBP/USD stops just short of 1.30 in early Wednesday bump

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    The GBP/USD is trading back into the 1.3000 major technical level as the US Dollar downshifts in early Wednesday action, fueled by risk-bullish headlines from the European continent.

    Brexit headlines continue to dominate Sterling traders' headspace, and a steady stream of inconclusive talking heads brandishing their positions on Brexit has seen confidence in the UK continue to wane steadily as glimmers of hope for successful trade talks between the EU and the UK give way to bouts of hard selling as Britain seems no closer to a workable exit from the European Union than it did immediately following the Brexit referendum.
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    The Italian government announced they would be willing to reduce their federal deficit to back below 2% in 2021, and the broader Euro-area saw a brief bounce in market sentiment, taking both the EUR and the GBP briefly higher, and the Pound is now trading just shy of the 1.3000 handle.

    The economic calendar is clear of any meaningful UK data for Wednesday, and traders will be keeping an eye out for continued headlines covering both Brexit and political tensions within the Eurozone, and early Wednesday's pop in the Sterling could find itself getting faded as the day unfolds.