Buy Buy Brigade sitting on D grade highly illiquid manipulated multi baggers???

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    I am really amused at lot of noise made in media , by Buy Buy Brigade D grade Stock Champions, who I assume are sitting on Highly Illiquid manipulated multi baggers D grade stocks. I as small invester will certainly look at Secular large cap Blue chip stocks of sectors like Quality Pvt retail banks,leader in infra Cum defence, FMCG, Insurance, petrol Cum telecom Cum retail play, leader in passenger car etc if they correct more from 31 January prices so that my LTCG tax burden amount is paid by market correction. If there is substantial_substantial further Deep Blood Bath in small and mid caps, I would like to take small, mid cap mutual funds route if I decide to invest in that space . But I as small invester will certainly not touch even with Fork, D grade Highly Illiquid manipulated Multi baggers stocks by listening to Buy Buy Brigade of D grade stock Champions, who are Stuck in LTCG tax Carnage, why I as small investors should behave like a Govt agency to bail them out. Just for discussion, not any buying or selling recommendation as always as I am not an expert and nothing specific against any Individual.
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