Failed Economic advisors of Modi may impose long term capital gain tax to Destroy Economy?

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    MODI and BJP were elected with good majority with hope that they will give good Economic Policies to our country which will be better than previous Govt. But with every step taken they had given a serious set back to Economy. First they almost destroyed Indian Economy with failed Demonetisation with not a single stated objective even partially achieved . Then come a good but poorly implemented GST again slowing our economy , when World Economy is going up. Only one portion of Economy is doing well that is Capital Market. Now this is on Radar of Modi failed economic advisors, as there are indications to impose more taxes and even increasing short term capital gain tax period. Worse , they can start long term Capital Gain Tax. This will prove to be the last Foolish Step as they may not survive after that in any of next elections . After this step their Mismanagement of Indian Economy will be complete and Final . It looks Modi Govt economic advisors has strong feeling that what ever is Good for People is bad for Govt. First they tried to tax EPF and has to withdraw if after being cornered. Now when people are deserting Gold and Real Estate to come to capital market, which is Good for public and economy, but as always every good thing for Public and Economy must be be punished seems to only Motive of these Failed Economic Advisors of Present Govt.
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    Be whatever it is and however is the hue and cry, BJP is winning almost every where. Even if they do not become a single majority, they tie up with some one and form the government ... According to me 2 things will decide the fate of BJP in 2019 ... (1) The 8 state elections in 2018 and (2) Budget of 2018
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    Anybody earning money MUST PAY TAX....... EVEN IF IT IS LONG TERM CAPITAL GAINS.

    you don't like this kind of tax...... Stop having income from this source instead of whining. That's all that you do mr @kharb

    Questioning cerebral potency of others including distinguished economists, bureaucrats, tax experts, politicians comes easy to you huh.... But strangely realising the display of your cerebral deficiency doesn't.
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