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  1. Raghav madaan
    Raghav madaan
    Great to be here
  2. DG...
    DG... Red Devil Manan
    Hello Sir,
    I am Dilip
    Can you please help me join Value pick secret group ?
    what am I suppose to do for the same ?
    what is your opinion about that group ?

  3. Pradeep Jain
    Pradeep Jain Rakesh sankar
    bharti airtel has red flag--interest payments are more than earnings.Should I avoid bharti?
  4. Phundrei
    Want to see some ideas on great stocks for short term investment
  5. Dilliraj
  6. venba panimalar
    venba panimalar
    garment business idea
  7. RedVikingGlobal
    Look for smoke, It leads to fire.
  8. Karan
    A 2 month bear market and a 2 day bull run, hold on to your cash, no market has ever hit the bottom in 2 months.
    JEESON_CA w4wealth
    What about federal bank?
    may expiry target
  10. RKD
    In a World of pennies, we hunt for Bucks
  11. ram narayan
    ram narayan Ajay Gupta
    Hi do you have prudent equity ?
  12. ram narayan
    ram narayan sushil tandey
    interested in sharing Prudent Equity ??? pls reach out..
  13. ram narayan
    ram narayan Neel312a
    Hi, do you want to share Prudent equity subscription ? I am ready to pay you..
  14. Unnipravan
    please add me
  15. Research And Ranking
    Research And Ranking
    R&R, (SEBI-registered) India's first technology-enabled company to offer personalized portfolio designed to achieve wealth creation.
    1. Red Devil Manan
      Red Devil Manan
      I took your service, i am done with it. Thats all there is to say, stop fooling new investors.
      Feb 17, 2020
  16. SP Chandel
    SP Chandel
    SP Chandel Is An SEBI Registered Stock Advisory Company Commodity Market. our services is multibeggar , momentum , SIP, Dhanwaan etc.
  17. Raghav Kabra
    Raghav Kabra
    Big Investor (Resonance Opportunites Fund) entered the stock with the Bulk deal of 50k shares. Insti Investor started accumul'g the stock.
  18. Raghav Kabra
    Raghav Kabra
    Very high volumes of 5x traded yesterday with 100% delivery! looks like a large institution has bought into stock.FII already at 1.38%.
  19. Raghav Kabra
    Raghav Kabra
    Sahyog post merger to hv 700+ cr topline; on a fully diluted; trading at 0.8x Price-to-Sales vs peers at 3-6x; could be multi-bagger!
  20. Ankit Toshniwal