"Gujarati Ghate Ka Sauda Nahin Karte": NAMO Gets Sweet Deal From Trump & Delights Investors

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    It is a known fact that most successful Indian businessmen are Gujaratis or Marwaris.

    Names that come readily to mind include mega Billionaires Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani.

    NAMO, who is also a Gujarati, is also a master negotiator.

    He knows when to play hard-ball and when to give concessions.

    If you trust Indian drugs, why USFDA is harassing by not giving approvals?

    When Donald Trump came rushing to NAMO, pleading with folded hands for supply of Hydroxychloroquine, to save his citizens from the scourge of Covid-19, NAMO did not yield at once.

    Instead, he looked Trump straight in the eyes and asked:

    "Trumpbhai, agar aap ko Indian drugs mein itna vishvaas hai, to app ka USFDA approval kyon nahin deta?"

    Donald Trump, also a master businessman, immediately got the hint.

    He summoned the Babus of the USFDA and gave them a piece of his mind for sitting on their haunches and not clearing the files.

    "Abhi ka abhi approval do varna mein tumhara transfer kar doonga," he threatened the Babus, glaring at them.

    USFDA approvals gush in

    The USFDA, which is otherwise a lethargic and bureaucratic organization, acted with alacrity, as soon as Trump gave them the ultimatum.

    Applications, which were long pending and forgotten, were approved overnight.

    Experts in disbelief

    Some experts are finding it difficult to believe that the gush of USFDA approvals are the result of NAMO's masterful negotiation.

    Ekta Batra, a noted expert, eloquently voiced the views of the experts.

    "Oh gosh. Pls dont believe this absolute nonsensical gibberish. Absurdity at its best. Laughable to say the least," she stated.

    However, it is a fact that we will never know what happens behind closed doors during diplomatic meetings.

    There is always some give and take between the negotiating parties.

    Pharma Stocks surge, investors rake in massive gains

    Whatever may be the reality behind the USFDA approvals, the punters at Dalal Street are grinning from ear to ear.

    "Gujarati ghate ka sauda nahin karta", they said, complimenting NAMO, with the Pharma stocks surging like supersonic rockets and posting massive gains.

    Frontbenchers like Sun Pharma, Lupin, Cadila Healthcare, Cipla, Divis, Glenmark etc have posted mammoth gains of up to 50% in just the last few days.

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