Larry Williams Warns That A Market Top Is Coming

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    Bullish At A Time Of Extreme Panic (03.17.20)

    Larry Williams, the veteran expert on Technical Analysis, was amongst the handful of experts, who had correctly predicted that the stock markets had bottomed out in March 2020 and that it was the time to buy.

    Jim Cramer, also a veteran expert, had drawn attention to Larry Williams' prediction.

    "One of my favorite technicians, Larry Williams, the dean of the group, just went VERY bullish with a Major Buy signal.. Time of Extreme Panic.. The most reliable indicator he has. Ask any technician --he is the best," Cramer said.

    Other leading experts endorsed this view.

    No doubt, Larry Williams' prediction turned out to be brilliant. The Dow Jones surged from sub-20000 to the present 33100.

    All other global indices, including the Nifty, followed suit.

    Bearish At A Time Of Extreme Exuberance (03.25.21)

    However, now the wheel has come a full circle.

    Williams has now warned that the markets have either already topped our or are close to doing so.

    "Expect a market peak in early April, leading to a bottom in early June," he predicted.

    He has explained the co-relation between crude oil prices and gold prices to buttress his analysis.

    In the light of this prediction, it is advisable that we defer our purchases until the beginning of June 2021.