New Multicap fund Episode is God sent last Golden Chance to get rid of Third Grade Stocks

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    Aug 15, 2015
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    There is hot discussion going on about new definition of Multicap funds .But in my view this is God sent last chance to get rid of third class small and mid cap stocks, as all dust and dirt will also fly along with quality but only for few days So intelligent investors should get rid of Third class stocks ,where they r trapped and convert them in Good Large Cap blue chip stocks in ongoing stagnation of blue chip large cap steady compounders .This is no stock recommendation as I am not an expert but only for discussion among small investors for education purpose in this forum. For taking decision please consult some professional expert.I invest in small cap stocks only through small cap mutual funds ,but invest in bigger, leadership ,quality steady compounders directly in addtion to some portion through various other categories of mutual funds.
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    Jul 8, 2015
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    I beg to differ! I do not understand the logic of selling 3rd class scrips in your portfolio at 80-90% loss when they are already at the bottom of the barrel and can go down no more? I held on to the few duds in my portfolio & when 2-3 companies started doing well, I actually made handsome gains from them. Guess, to each his own....