Why worry on set backs to anti market Govt,just sit on Quality stocks

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    What this Govt has done for market,nothing but has done lot against market.Govt every budget was loaded against stock market,Unncessary Demontisation was forced on country,poorly implemented GST,Introduction of LTCG TAX was biggest folly,no relief to middle class in income tax or otherwise, huge collection of money through huge taxes on petrol .Election results and down of ruling Party graph is hardly any surprise. Huge money collected through nose of public wasted on useless non productive schemes including image building of a single person.We have lost two able RBI GOVERNERS,CBI is in court,chief economic advisor and NITI Ayog chief has left ,we have seen issues with SC. So Results are no Surprise and no cause of worry,Just grab Good quality stocks if thrown cheap by interested parties to create panic.Just read history and you will see Good Compnies stocks keep on performing irrespective of Govts , at the time of even third fronts or under UPAs.So stick to Quality Portfolio, elections ,govts and leaders will come and go but corporate world keep on performing.
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