Zerodha has refunded loss of ₹9,00,000 caused due to their system glitch

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    Zerodha has paid ₹9,00,000 to a trader named @overtrader_ind for the loss of ₹9,56,000 caused due to a system failure at their end. The trader placed orders which were shown as pending even though they were in fact executed. The trader also could not cancel the orders.

    Apparently, Zerodha initially tried to browbeat the trader by claiming that they were immune due to 'Internet based Trading (IBT)' clause in the agreement. However, the trader showed that their system has caused the loss & not the internet.


    The trader confirmed that REFUND RECEIVED.. of 10L LOSS due to zerodha glitch.. within 48 hours.

    Other traders have a similar complaint as is detailed here

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