Fascinating...Inspiring...Mouth-Watering....Want to get trapped?

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    Please read the following....Very mouth-watering....But see the cost.....Rs 2 lakh....Want to get trapped?


    Get Your Equitymaster Reserve
    Membership For Just
    Rs 25,000 Now

    ...and the remaining amount in 4 monthly
    interest-free installments!

    *Till midnight of 15th May only

    When we concluded our 20th Anniversary offer for Equitymaster Reserve recently, a lot of people told us that they realized how beneficial the Reserve would be for them in the long run...

    However, they just couldn't pay the entire joining fee in one go.

    That got us thinking!

    We didn't want the joining fee to be an impediment for our subscribers in benefitting from our elite membership and using our entire research to become truly wealthy.

    That's when we hit upon the idea to enable you to pay the joining fee in installments.

    Yes! For a limited time, you can get your Equitymaster Reserve membership by paying just Rs 25,000 now...

    And the remaining joining fee amount will be split into 4 monthly interest-free installments, and you can simply give us 4 Postdated Cheques for the same!

    Isn't this great?

    So you can get your Reserve membership now by paying just Rs 25,000 now, sample ALL our services for 30 days, and then decide whether you want to stay on or not.

    Plus, you can also grab all our special reports and any other new recommendations we publish during these 30 days.

    If you like what you see, we will continue with your remaining installments.

    Otherwise, we'll simply refund you your Rs 25,000 joining fee and return the Postdated Cheques, and your existing subscriptions will also continue unaffected.

    But we're certain you'll want to continue because you won't find an easier way than this to acquire your Equitymaster Reserve membership.

    However, there is one catch...

    This installment payment option is NOT being offered to everybody. Only to people like you who showed serious interest in the Reserve. In addition, this option will be available till 11.59 PM on 15th May only.

    So I suggest you make use of it right away.

    To summarize, here's everything you get from the Equitymaster Reserve now...

    S.No. Service Normal price per year
    1 Equitymaster Portfolios (upcoming service - only for lifetime members) Priceless
    2 New Options Service (upcoming service) 100,000
    3 The Vivek Kaul Letter (upcoming service) 5,000
    4 StockSelect 5,000
    5 Hidden Treasure 5,000
    6 The India Letter 5,000
    7 ResearchPro 10,000
    8 ValuePro 30,000
    9 Microcap Millionaires 50,000
    10 Alpha Trader 60,000
    11 Income Alert 100,000
    12 Swing Trader 100,000
    13 Research Master (Beta) 50,000
    14 DeriVantage 10,000
    15 TradeMaster 10,000
    16 Equitymaster's Secrets 5,000
    17 OptionsMaster Course 25,000
    18 5Minute WrapUp Premium 5,000
    19 Portfolio Tracker 330
    20 Equitymaster Stock Market Yearbook PDF version 750
    Total value of Services Offered Through Equitymaster Reserve Now 576,080
    Additionally, as a one-time bonus for joining the Equitymaster Reserve through our 20th anniversary invitation, you also get...

    1 Free 1-year access to Hidden Treasure Plus (special 20th anniversary gift) worth
    Rs 100,000
    2 Free Pass To Equitymaster Conference 2017 worth
    Rs 15,000
    3 Free Copy of “Equitymaster’s Secrets: The Biggest Lessons From Our Entire 20-Year Investing Journey” Book Priceless
    A PDF version of the Equitymaster's Secrets book will be made available to you for download right away. And a hard copy of the book will be dispatched in 3-4 weeks time to addresses in India.

    In addition, you will also INSTANTLY receive the entire bundle of premium reports we've created for you for FREE...

    These eight premium reports include:

    1. Top 5 Stocks for 2020
    2. Junior Bluechips
    3. How to pocket 10-30% without selling your stocks
    4. 8 Stocks That Buffet Would Buy
    5. How to Make Your First Trade
    6. Brokers Guide 2015
    7. Zero to Trader
    8. Charts Guide
    So once again, the total value of tools and services you get from the Equitymaster Reserve will be Rs 576,080 per year.

    And when we launch more new services in the future, this value is bound to go up even more.

    But now, you can just make a one-time investment of Rs 250,000 to get your Equitymaster Reserve membership. And thereafter, only pay a small annual maintenance fee of Rs 950 every year like you do right now to get access to ALL our services for life.

    This means you'll get access to even more research while paying the same maintenance fee as you do right now.

    And The Truth Is You Won't Even Be
    Paying The ENTIRE Joining Fee Now...

    Don't forget, we are giving you an Equitymaster 20th Anniversary special discount of Rs 50,000 now.

    Plus, we are also giving back the ENTIRE fee you paid for any other lifetime memberships also.

    (NOTE: This is the last time we will be giving a 100% refund for any kind of lifetime memberships!)

    And finally, we will also be giving back the unused amount from your existing limited-period subscriptions.

    So you'll get AT LEAST Rs 50,000 off on the joining fee now. And after deducting all these, you'll actually be paying much less than the full joining fee.

    To know the final amount you'll have to pay as your joining fee, just enter your Equitymaster ID and Password in the form below.

    From that amount, you will pay Rs 25,000 right now to obtain your Reserve membership. And for the remaining amount, we will split it into 4 monthly installments and ask 4 Postdated Cheques from you for the same.

    [​IMG]Please note that if this plan of Rs 25,000 upfront and remaining in 4 installments does not work for you, then you can also contact our Customer Service team at 022-61434049, and they will bend over backwards to give you a customized plan you're happy with.

    So we suggest you don't let this opportunity pass and sign up right away.

    Make use of our installments payment option and give Equitymaster Reserve a try for 30 days for just Rs 25,000. If you don't like it, we'll give you back the Rs 25,000 you paid... and your existing subscriptions will also continue unaffected.

    Plus, you can also keep all the premium reports as a gift from us for trying the Reserve even if you cancel within 30 days.

    But once again, this installments option will be available till midnight of 15th May only. And after this, the joining fee for Reserve will go up and you also won't get 1 year of Hidden Treasure Plus worth Rs 100,000 for FREE.

    So hurry...
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    equitymaster is the worst service i have come across. dont get trapped
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    I am not sure why some one should call above contents as mouth watering .
    I know one thing for sure, builders and advisories never give money back .

    If some one still believe above email, request them to just watch movie boiler room , how these brokers and advisories work . Advisories can go to any level to get money .

    Neither I know equitymaster, nor I have any good/bad experience with them .

    But one thing is sure, if some is willing to pay such hefty amount in advance, he is definitely not using common sense . Above contents has lot of loop holes and am pretty sure there will not be even a single legal document/agreement with the person who is willing to pay such amount for so called services.

    This is perfect eye opener, how small investors need to use their common sense.
    I have seen such contents from builders, when they are in deep trouble and they need money desperately .

    I really do not have anything to say against the advisory, but being small investors, its my duty to alert fellow boarders.

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Hi,Nice that you have asked the question earlier, PLEASE Visit the STOCK BROKER SELECTION CRITERIA
    1. There is no margin for Delivery trades
    2. If you want to get margin against holdings, you have to buy a stock and wait for 2 days, after 2 days you can pledge the stock by a pledge request on 3rd day. on fourth day you will get a margin that can be used for intraday trades.
    3. There is no recommendation on buy and sell.
    4. Zerodha has only 5 watchlists with each 15 stocks
    5. They do not have any default NIFTY50 watch list.
    1. 5paisa offer very very high exposure for delivery trades
    2.5 paisa not square off the position on the 5 th day directly. You can extend your holdings position for more than 5 days also by email request.
    3. They offer very less brokerage.FLAT 10 Rs per order
    4. 5paisa offers recommendations to buy and sell in cash, future and options5
    5.5paisa has default NIFTY 5o watchlist and dash board updated regarding market
    6. 5paisa has 3 watch list of 50 each . So you can add almost 150 stocks.
    7. Chat facility in android phones .
    8.Research recommendations in mobile. the only discount broker who offers recommendations.
    9..Huge exposure margin for delivery trades.
    10. Instant Exposure against cash and holdings. No margin request procedure requried from Clients.
    11. Add watchlist segment wise.

    12.No backoffice webpage dependancy. All payin , payout and statements are available in the APP.
    and so oon.

    Also there is a offer, FREE ACCOUNT OPENING and free for FIRST 50 trades. to make use of this offer
    There are several other benefits also
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    me also lost some money in that trap