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    Customer called to Tech support: “my computer is not connecting to Internet”
    Tech support: “Ok, which operating system are you using?”
    Customer: “Internet explorer”!
    Tech support: “No, you just right click on “my computer” and click on the properties menu”
    Customer: “what are you saying, this is not your computer, it is my computer”

    Son: Dad I got punished in school today.
    Dad: Why?
    Son: My teacher pointed the scale towards me.
    Saying.. At the end of scale there is an Idiot”
    I Just asked “which end”…?

    BANTA Ne HAJAMAT Ki Dukan Kholi..
    Santa SHAVE Karane Aya.
    Banta:- Muchh Rakhni Hai
    Banta(Mucch Kaat Ke)-Le Rakh Le, Jahan Rakhni Hai.

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