How to make money for all you dumbos..

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Who is interested in learning and making money?

  1. Yes I'm

  2. No I want to lose money in junk and try and make 10x in 2 years

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    How very prompt is the reply!!!! Love the torture you must have gone through waiting for a response to your last post. Members, please please vote carefully. Do not vote for one who won't create jobs. Else you know what - we all will have to deal with many more of the sad_das types.

    BTW how does it feel looking at the mirror and conversing with oneself huh? Plz plz share your experiences ya. It would be pretty entertaining surely. Do you also sleep walk?

    Come now ask questions of some relevance. I know it's hard for you but doesn't mean you shouldn't try. See even Tiger Woods tasted success trying for over 10 years. Your day will come too. ya. Actually I can't blame you for such irrelevant questions. For people like you who haven't arrived as yet, life revolves only around money.

    Jeez, now you want to be my GURU. Haha. The thought is nothing but the Ejaculation of your mental masturbation. Anyways this kind, compassionate, caring, and loving person experiencing the deepest joy of life will be of no use to you. Nor do I have some secret recipes like your mommy. So better stick with your mommy.

    Besides Dear Sad_Das, like I keep saying, do what you are meant to do. In this instance apart from an entertainment toy (not the kind you serve your mommy) remain a SLAVE. Incase you do not know Das in English means SLAVE??? So carry on the family tradition. Hahahahahahaha

    Looks like it's your momma you have to worry about. My wife, She rests well in the comfort of trust. Getting practical to sort out her son I thought would have been your mommy's compulsion. So thanks for the warning and sharing with us all what reaching out to her entails. Don't want to spend days in an intensive trauma care unit. But you take good care of her ya and please don't stop indulging her lest she starts grabbing every other passerby.

    Of course she is beautiful; no use to you though - mommy's lollypop. But yes the porn industry has a lot to thank you and your family. If not for the likes of this sad_das family, porn would have died long ago and the beautiful Sunny Leone would have been a kaam wali bai in some Mumbai household. BTW any family debuts lined up huh?

    This mental masturbation will not get you anything . Any more such indulgence and you might forget what your mommy taught you or is it that you are the ever so dependent mommy's lollipop.

    Limit yourself to entertaining us and being OUR slave - lovely sad_das!!!

    PS: We refer dalal street as pimp street and I also forgot to tell you the second U in Guru stands for Understudy. You as my Understudy - like I said that's the outcome (ejaculation) of your mental masturbation.

    Now looking forward to the picnic this long weekend.
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    Hi can you please talk about gas companies and it future .like mahanagar gas igl adani gas.thanks