My portfolio (beginner, please review)

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    Jul 15, 2017
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    Sundaram Finance ~1,00,000 @ 1490 (demerger, strong company, conservative mgmt, brand, access to cheap capital)

    Epc industrie (irrigation) ~ 1,00,000 @ 199 (M&M mgmt, irrigation/agro play)

    NESCO ~ 1,00,000 @ 2450 (Fantastic business, debt-free, robust plan to monetise asset, undervalued)

    KCP ltd ~ 1,00,00 @ 107 (proxy play on Real estate, Amaravati development, Sugar entity in vietnam, undervalued)

    Agro Tech foods ~ 1,00,000 @ 498 (Undervalued, inflection point, good mgmt, India's next FMCG brand)

    Smartlink network systems ~ 1,00,000 @99 (cash bargain, Experienced mgmt, digital india, make in India, re-entry into structured cabling)

    Wonderla holidays (fantastic model, moat, mgmt quality, debt free expansion post chennai, operating leverage, revenue mix growth) will be punished in short term by market so will add on dips ~1,00,000

    Pokarna ~ 1,00,000 @ 1370 (mgmt quality, IKEA supplier, decreasing debt, cutting edge tech, entry barrier, growing housing demand in US and india)

    Sintex industries ~1,00,000 @28 (reasons listed by shyam sekar)

    Exide industries ~1,00,000 @ 220 (Market leader, turnaround coming as focus is shifting towards replacement market, lots of work on the ground via exile care app etc:, Accounting for Insurance business at Rs48, battery business available at 180)

    All these stocks are long term plays, I'm a long term player. I will hold for at least 3-4 years. My plan is to invest in total around 25,00,000 over next one year. It will be invested in these companies as story plays out or into new opportunities if a crash takes place.

    Please review my portfolio thanks.
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    Your post title says beginner....but your profile sounds like you have been investing over 5+ years....or did you just hit a jackpot?? I would advice you to go slow and invest in MF's and Bank Deposits as well to protect your capital.

    You have a fairly long term horizon of 3-4 years. Do have a look at Indiabulls Housing, Piramal Enterprises, Yes Bank, REC as these companies are consistent performers that pay handsome dividends as well. Since you will be holding for 3-4 years you can then reinvest the dividends into buying some more stocks :)