Tiger Logistics Ltd | Rs 205

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  1. Guru Vachaal

    Guru Vachaal Let's discuss the fundamentals..

    Apr 3, 2015
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    Market Cap 217 cr
    CMP 205
    BV 46
    PE 20
    Annual Sales 313 cr
    OMP 5.5 %
    Debts Almost none

    I am holding it since Rs 170


    Tiger is one of the country's leading providers of end-to-end supply chain solutions. Incorporated in 2000, Tiger entered into logistic space with a prime focus on international logistics.

    The company has well diversified horizontal business spread. It currently operates as international freight forwarders, custom clearance agents, transporters, custom consultants and project transportation specialists with no geographical boundaries.

    Moreover, with no client contributing more than 17 percent of the top line, the business is also vertically well spread with reduced dependence of revenue on any single client.

    Company operates in 3 segments - one is multimodal logistic, which accounts for approximately 55 percent of total revenue, second is transportation, which accounts for around 20 percent and lastly the custom house agent, which accounts for rest of the pie.

    Majority of its revenue is sourced from sectors like automobiles (contributed 23 percent to FY16 revenue), project logistics (34 percent), commodities (20 percent), defence (around 10 percent) & others.