7 Most Common Stock Investing Myths.

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    Ever since my school and college days, I've heard a number of myths regarding stock market investing.

    Nevertheless, when I started investing on my own, I quickly realized that most of these myths don't make too much sense. Here, I have compiled seven most common stock investing myths which stop many beginners from investing in the stock market.

    I hope after reading this post, few of them will break the barrier and start investing in the stock market.
    1. Investing in Stock Market is like GAMBLING.
    2. You need a lot of money to make money.
    3. Investing on your own takes too much time.
    4. Paying a professional is better than making your own investing decisions.
    5. Investing on your own is very risky.
    6. Investing is simple- Just buy low and sell high.
    7. Investors who invest on their own are intellectually gifted.
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    Do let me know what you think about these myths. And feel free to add any other popular myth which I missed.