A Trader made Rs 9.50 crore today. Another made a 270% gain

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    TL;DR: A Trader made Rs 9.50 crore today. Another made a 270% gain. Today's unexpected and aggressive bullishness in the Nifty & the Bank Nifty showered gold on F&O traders. Many reported massive earnings running into lakhs & even crores.

    Never take markets for granted

    The stock markets can never be taken for granted. Yesterday, the markets were extremely bearish, with the Bank Nifty plunging nearly 900 points.

    In fact, the mood in the morning was so sombre that some experts recommended buying Puts to take advantage of the bearishness.

    However, other traders were bullish and bought calls.

    To everyone's surprise, the markets surged in an unstoppable manner. The Bank Nifty surged 1260 points (3.3%) to close at 39537 while the Nifty surged 446 points (2.6%) to close at 17759.


    Delighted traders joyously shared their screenshots of mammoth MTM gains.

    Trader Paresh Patel led from the front with an incredible earning of Rs. 9.5 crore.

    A study of the screenshot shows that he had bought massive quantities of Calls in the Bank Nifty and the Nifty, all of which exploded in value.

    Another trader named Amit Lalwani reported an earning of Rs. 37 lakh out of a capital of Rs 10 Lakh which means that his RoI is an unbelievable 270%.

    Other traders also reported hefty gains though they did not reveal what their capital is.

    Learn to change views fast

    Experienced traders cautioned that the markets are so fast moving that one has to be prepared to change his stance often. Anyone carrying yesterday's bearish attitude today would have paid a very high price. Likewise, whether today's bullishness will remain till the next working day is also a million dollar question.