Ambit Recommends Multibagger Stock With 300%+ Upside

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    Robust results of Bharti Airtel galvanizes telecom sector

    Telecom stocks, which were once the pariah dogs of Dalal Street, have come back into fashion after Bharti Airtel, the market leader, reported blockbuster results.

    The ARPU surged 14% and there was a return to profitability at EBIT level.

    Naturally, the stock surged like a rocket and posted massive gains of 10%+.

    The stock is up nearly 100% over the past 12 months.


    Vodafone Idea, also on the multibagger path

    Vodafone Idea will obviously walk in the illustrious footsteps of Bharti Airtel and report robust results.

    Though the management is presently playing hard-ball with the Government and threatening to wind up the Company over the ARPU dues controversy, it is obvious that no sensible businessman will give up a cash cow like Vodafone.

    Vodafone Plc, the parent company, has already hinted that it will invest upto Rs. 8400 crore in the Indian company.

    Vodafone has a target price of Rs. 19, which is an upside of 300%+.

    Today, Vodafone Idea surged and posted a mammoth gain of 20+%.


    It is notable that some experts had already predicted that Vodafone was destined to surge.

    Almost a week ago, an expert named Krishna Agrawal had analyzed the F&O data and prophesied that "something is happening" and that the stock is poised for a mega move.

    This prediction has come true.

    Anyway, now according to Ambit, the stock is destined to hit the target price of Rs. 19.

    Ambit has made it clear that this is the worst-case scenario valuation for Vodafone, given that the management has dragged its feet on the issue of recapitalisation and lost market share.

    "Upside will be greater if VIL gets more capital to invest in defending premium customers and hence market share," it is confidently asserted.

    Technicals are also sound

    Vodafone Idea is also exhibiting strong technical signals on the charts, according to knowledgeable persons.

    It is already above the 200 DMA, which implies that the coast is clear and there is no short-term resistances, and there is no impediment to our buying the stock now.