Anil kumar Goel and Ayush mittal holding Amarjothi spinning mills ltd.

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    Amarjothi spinning mills is a small cap spinning mill in Tirupur there speciality is multi modal multi colour melange yarn and fancy fabric they also have a ultra modern dyeing unit combined worth of the dying unit mill and the head office will be more than 200 cr on land basis alone the company 9m fy 17 has shown rev of162 cr and Ebita 36 cr and net profit of 15 cr the year end will be 210 cr 48 cr and 19 cr respectively with an eps of 28 rs they have reduced the inventory from 44 cr to 28 cr and trade receivable is 22 cr cash in hand 29 cr as on dec 31 2016 debt to equity is around 0.7 and it is fully promoter loan and not external.
    Also if you notice even the HNI p Subramanian has nought a large chunk of 1.5 lac shares in the Aṛ s.sathya is holding 40 thousand shares.
    Secondly they are very niche players in Tirupur and valuations wise just trading less than 4 EVEBITA and less than 6 pe and market cap of 100 cr the last 2/3 weeks there is huge accumulation in the narrow band of 152/5.
    We can expect very good returns in this counter even if trades at 7/8 pe it should be above 225 with HNI fully accumulated the stock any time a upper movement is expected.
    Disl invested
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    sir there is huge volume happening in this counter nearly 2 lac shares accumated in 155 range any bigg move possible