Benefits of having commodity in your portfolio:

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    1)Commodity futures acts as an inflation hedge, with the degree of protection high as the commodity futures are levered.

    2)Having commodities as a part of your portfolio along with stock may be in less percentage say 60% stock and 40% commodities increases your return as well as manage your return in an efficient manner.

    3) Commodity market is of less volatile nature and thereby improves the performance of a portfolio as a whole at the time of crisis.

    4) Commodity are risker form of investment with involvement of huge price fluctuations in it.And therefore commodity begin a part of your portfolio always opens up an opportunity for you to earn good profit by using optimum signals.

    5) Hedging is another useful benefit of it. Whenever rupee becomes weaker , people have to buy commodities from different countries especially at the time of inflation prices of commodities goes up as most of the investors wants to buy.Therefore you can benefit yourself at such situation by having some commodities in your portfolio.
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    Really good information you shared with us Priya. Thanks for sharing information about the benefits of having commodity in our portfolio.
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    7 Advantages of Investing in Commodity Market
    While a dominant part of financial specialists put resources into securities exchange, there are numerous who have ignored raw materials. Materials certainly offer financial specialists a more secure edge amid the season of swelling. Wares like gold and silver give many advantages to speculators amid monetary vulnerabilities. Be that as it may, interest in wares is viewed as an unsafe method of the venture. This does not infer that you should exclude wares interest in your portfolio

    investing in wares future clearly expects you to have some knowledge and recognition about the products market.Commodity Investments are generally considered as a support against expansion. This infers wares be held for the more drawn out term.

    A Sheltered Asylum amid Emergency

    Regularly financial specialists don't feel certain about putting resources into wares yet consider valuable metals like silver, gold, and platinum; they offer an unmistakable assurance amid swelling and times of monetary vulnerability. They are a decent wellspring of venture notwithstanding amid extreme circumstances.

    Differentiated Venture Portfolio

    A perfect resource allotment design implies having an enhanced portfolio. Items are an important part of having a differentiated speculation portfolio. In the event that you are as of now putting resources into stocks and securities, it is recommended that you consider putting resources into crude materials simultaneously.This route, at whatever point there is a stock exchange crash, you are not putting your eggs in a solitary wicker bin.

    Regularly, the estimations of items see a destruction just like securities exchange shares. They respond distinctively in different geopolitical and financial situations. Enhancement, hence, will probably enhance hazard balanced returns and diminish instability.

    Straightforwardness All the while

    Exchanging ware fates is a straightforward process.The course of activity drives you to reasonable value disclosure which is controlled by huge scale investment. Such a tremendous investment additionally reflects alternate points of view and standpoint of a more extensive segment of individuals who are managing that item.

    Gainful Returns

    Items are a less secure type of speculations with colossal swings in prices.Companies either hit it ideal on an asset disclosure or experience-heavy misfortunes. This opens up open doors for you to influence benefits in the item to advertise gave you design your speculations right.


    At whatever point the rupee turns out to be less profitable, you require more cash to purchase item products from various parts of the world. Particularly amid expansion, the costs of ware merchandise go up as different financial specialists auction their stocks and bonds to contribute incommodities. Hence, you can be the advantage from a few items in your portfolio that go about as a potential fence against dangers.

    Insurance against Swelling

    At the point when the economy is plunging, cash is worthless – swelling happens. The costs for products, as a rule, go up amid high inflation; accordingly, the cost of crude materials additionally observes an upward trend.Therefore, a couple of items in your portfolio will enable you to profit by this rise.

    Exchanging on Lower Edge

    As a dealer, you need to store an edge with your agent which can be near 5 to 10% of the total value of the agreement, which is much lower considering other resource classes. Such a low edge enables you to take bigger positions at a lesser capital.



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    Don't get misled. It is not for small investors. It is for big traders with deep pocket. Sheer speculation.