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    Jul 11, 2015
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    Hi friends,

    Today while searching for stock market news on google I came across one blog named MultibaggerStockMantras at blogspot dot com.

    The performace report of the past recommendations was great. It seems that the blogger hasn't given any recommendations from last 8-9 months because of the SEBI RA rules but now as SEBI gave clarifications on these rules so the blogger has again started writing the posts although he now says that he is not giving any buy or sell recommendation but the discussions are only for educational purpose..

    Does anyone here follow that blog ? If yes then can anyone tell me whether the past performance record are true or cooked up ?
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    May 29, 2015
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    See the best I can say is that you have to do your own due dilligence with every stock you buy or sell. If he is not charging anything and just putting up the information for sharing and educational purposes then there is nothing wrong.There may or may not be a vested interest in his recommendations but he is appropriately making a disclosure that it is for an educational purpose. Ultimately it is the investor's responsibility to check all the facts and figures, do proper research and then invest.