Brightcom: a blessing in disguise

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    Stock: Brightcom/ BCG
    CMP: 6.60 Rs.
    BV est. FY20: 78 Rs.
    Eps: 9.3 Rs.
    ~Debt free
    Pref announced at 10 Rs. Of 3.1 crs shares(Ballots to be rolled out on 7th jan)
    PAT for last 3 years over 400 crs (cons.)
    Equity: 47.6 crs b4 pref issue.

    SHP: (before pref)
    Promoters: ~40%
    Goenkas: ~20%
    Priya Prakash ~5%
    HNI grp we have: 10%
    NRIs: 10%
    FII/OAK inv capital: 7%

    Company is in digital advertisement industry.
    Recently listed 10 times small size company as oerrevenue and PAT is trading at 70 times book value. And BCG is at 0.1 times BV.