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    Apr 20, 2015
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    I was going through the financial statements of Crest Ventures Ltd (previously Sharyans Resourcees Ltd). I found its results convincing. It has made good profit in last financial year. Moreover, its book value is 112 which is much above its current price around 47. Can anyone sugggest if this is a good buy at this level? Can anyone provide more info on it?
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    May 29, 2015
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    There is an interesting thing mentioned in the book One up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch. Lynch said that you have to be careful about the book value and must study more about the kind of book value they hold. As an example he referred to a textile company that Warren Buffet used to hold. When he closed this company and sold his assets the machinery sold for a fraction of cost of what it was mentioned in the book value. So taking this as an example a company might quote a figure for its assets but it is important to know its real value in case if a sale happens would the buyer be willing to buy for that kind of price. As for Crest Ventures Ltd, I do not know much about it so can't give any call on that company. Maybe after you research thoroughly you could share your research here so other members can take a look and give their views for the same