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    Hi Friends,

    After going through trading for 10 years and loosing a fortune I quit stock market for 4-5 odd years. But as we all know once you enter this market you just can't get out completely. I choose a different model i.e. Investing rather than trading to create wealth. After subscribing to Alpha Invesco ( I thought they were good, but was wrong) I started investing with their recommendations but soon realize its taking me nowhere I started my own fundamental research. It has been 1.5 years and along with market I had a great success. My current portfolio stands as under :

    Name Of Scrip Buy Rate CMP

    Waterbase 200 363
    Shervani Ind. 500 762
    Welspun Corp 135 180
    GRM Overseas 105 298
    Catvision Products 42 51
    TGV SRAAL 60 80
    Kamat Hotel 50 146
    Goa Carbon 850 1138
    Mangalam Organics 145 176.5
    C&C Construction 100 76

    Wish me luck guys. I hope to do well in my investment endeavour and will continue to update my portfolio here.