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    I came to know about this stock from moneycontrol forums. I have been tracking this quite closely and I believe it presents a promising opportunity. The company is primarily into emission control systems . After some research I understood that emission control industry can soon attract a lot of big fishes due to a recent government order making it compulsory for coal power plants to install FGD (Flue-gas desulfurization) to limit sulfur emissions by 2022. This is expected to result in orders worth Rs1.3tn over the next 4-5 years.
    Big wigs like MOSL and IIFL have reported this and mentioned Ducon as a key player. BHEL, L&T and Thermax are major competitors however Ducon being a much smaller company (Mcap : 240cr) is expected to see a huge impact of these orders. I have pasted the links for MOSL and IIFL articles below, More info to follow...
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