Extreme volaility in market causes traders to suffer heavy losses. Some decide to suspend trading

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    Expiry days are known to be volatile in nature. However, yesterday was exceptional. Even seasoned commentators were taken aback at the movement of the market.

    "Yesterday was a manic market ! Crazy moves," one observed in astonishment.

    By the EOD, traders wearily filed their MTM reports which made for shocking reading.

    "These kind of markets break your confidence as a trader … Worst day for trend followers," Aakansha Gupta, a popular trader said, showing a mega loss of Rs. 33 lakh. She did not disclose what percentage of her capital the loss was.

    "Nothing worked out for me.. Highest single day loss for me..," another bravely disclosed.

    "This type of market can take away a significant portion of your capital unless you keep a limit to it," another advised, underlining the importance of stop loss.

    Expert trader Mitesh Patel also admitted suffering a loss of 1.3% of his capital.

    He also lamented that the taxes paid earlier on the gains will not be recoverable.

    Better to stay away for a while

    P. R. Sundar did not disclose how much loss he suffered though he admitted having suffered a "huge loss". In the past he has candidly admitted a loss of Rs 1 crore from Index trading and Rs 1.3 crore from trading HDFC stock.

    He, however, made it clear that he is also unable to read the market and is spooked.

    "Many option sellers including me are sitting with huge losses and do not want to take any position. I am also not planning to take any position for at least another one week till the volatility subides," he said.

    "I'm going to take a break for a while, need to reset from all the stress and frustration," another noted trader said.

    Taking a cue from this, it is better if we also suspend trading or at least keep very light positions till stability returns to the market.