Free bloggers - Are they here to help us or trap us?

Discussion in 'Stock Advisory Services' started by Shrikant Rane, Aug 9, 2015.

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    Apr 23, 2015
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    Please post your views about blogs which give tips for free.

    points that can be covered

    1. Why are they doing this free.
    a. They love the public and want to help
    b. They have vested interest in promoting the stock they own.

    Boarders can add more topics of their own.
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  2. narayan.pal

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    Apr 9, 2015
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    Really to think...they post so much reports. ...track so many companies. ..reply to queries. ..maintain d website..etc etc....all for nothing n only in love to the viewrs?....hard to belive....they must must have vested interest....atleast they took their own positions...yhen publish the report causing no herm to them rather our followup buying will propel the stock price higher., it may be a win-win situation to them whos track record is good...others r just to trap the retail investors... option would be ...get the stock idea from them...den do your own research. ..many tools are now available to do your research. ..den if u feel the stock is attractive, invest it...else ignore.....just avoid sppon feeding by someone in d stock market. ...den one day u surely going to b trapped poorly n dat may cause your end in d market....some high flying stock b4 2008 crash is now at 2% of their pick....
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