GST Play - Size will be the name of the game

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    GST has been implemented.Now obvious question is who will lose and who will gain.Gainers and loser will be less decided by rate of GST in sector as it will be same for all competitors.But major difference will come from compliance .Most of sector leaders and their close competitors have been tax complaint to a large extent.Major non compliance was from unorganised sector and to less extent even from small compnies .So leaders and their close competitors may be major gainers across almost all sectors.So betting on leaders across all sectors will be best play on GST as they will be main benefishry of shifting of migration of business from unorganized and small sector .Govt has brought GST to increase its tax collection by enforcing better compliance Althought Govt as usual is expected to waste 80 of extra tax collection on populist measures to win 2019 election by draining out it on MANREGA,Free electricity, free tv,free mobiles ,free lap tops ,free food,free house , loan wavers and many more wastage programs But still it may spent that extra 20 on infra and defence .So L& T can be one of benefishary of that spending..Cement sector may also get higher utilisation and Ultratech can be a stock to watch with huge capacity under its belt after taking over most of JP associate cement business.This is my view and no recommendation to buy but for discussion among members.
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