Hi All ! I am new to this forum ,I am searching for a stock advisory service for me in 2017

Discussion in 'Stock Advisory Services' started by Prabir, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Jan 1, 2017
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    Hi ! I just came to know about this site while searching for equity advisory service online. I am looking for a good advisory service .

    Though I know investing in stocks is risky affair but I do not want to lose any big percentage of my capital . so I looking for minimum risky stocks . I am new to stock market investment and can not choose a good stock with my own research so i need professional service.

    I found https://www.sptulsian.com ,I hope it is good but not in my range because they charge whopping 4000 for a month so 48000 for a year of subscription. I can not afford .

    since i am new , I am going to invest only 1-2 lac only . and can only invest in short term stocks.

    let if my make a protfolio of 1lac with 5 stocks . and it may give 50% rise after 2 year. then My subsciption charge would be more than my profit after 2-5 years.

    please advice me a service or any other better way.
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    Mar 28, 2015
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    Hello welcome IMHO better strategy is for small investor to go for SIP in small cap mutual fund. You can put rs. 10000 per month in SIP.

    IMHO expectations of 50% gain from short term stock is unrealistic strategy and dangerous strategy because market is volatile at present. Better go for SIP in good midcap or small cap fund for long-term investment. Good luck:)
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