How to retire early and enjoy with passive income

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    Every body had to earn for living unless you are born with silver spoon.For that we have to spent about approx 30 % of our life as student after that we start earning and spend a major portion of life for earning mostly upto approx 60 years age.If any body want to retire early first condtion is to start saving and investing early .If one in organised sector there is EPF contributions made by employers and employees,,and for those who dont work in organised sector one can start PF.Both give tax free returns presently are above 8%.One should also have proper asset allocation , for any young person , to start with it can be 70% % equity and30% debt and every year reduce equity by1% and increase debt by 1%.In equity you can start with aggresive hybrid funds of good AMCs.For debt you can contribute in EPF, PF snd rest of debt prtion will be in debt pirtion of hybrid aggressive funds . If any body acquires good knowldge of stock market , he can also invest in large cap blue chip stocks also along with mutual funds.When you have sufficient corps , you can shift sone portion to real estate ,it may be upto 25 to 30 % of total funds.uncomplete, write latter on
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