In discounts, brokers go deep, e-brokers go deeper

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    The battle for minimum brokerage, till now confined to full-service brokers, has spread to discountbrokingplayers (also known as online broking players). While most of the latter still charge a flat fee of Rs 20 a trade, several are offering reduced rates to attract clients.

    For instance, Zerodha, which charges a flat Rs 20 a trade, recently introduced zerobrokeragefor delivery-based trades. SAS Online charges Rs 9 a trade or Rs 999 a month for unlimited trading; My Value Trade charges Rs 10 a trade or Rs 1,000 a month for unlimited trading. Trade Smart Online and Achiievers Equities charge a flat Rs 15 a trade, with the latter also offering the option of unlimited trades at Rs 50 a day.

    (Discount brokers offer web-based platforms, without research and advice. Clients are charged a flat fee for each trade, irrespective of its value. Unlike the flatfeescharged by discount brokers, most full service brokers charge fee as a percentage of total turnover. For the cash market, rates vary between 10p and 30p for delivery-based trades, and below five paise for intra-day trades.)
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    Hi,Nice that you have asked the question earlier, PLEASE Visit the STOCK BROKER SELECTION CRITERIA
    1. There is no margin for Delivery trades
    2. If you want to get margin against holdings, you have to buy a stock and wait for 2 days, after 2 days you can pledge the stock by a pledge request on 3rd day. on fourth day you will get a margin that can be used for intraday trades.
    3. There is no recommendation on buy and sell.
    4. Zerodha has only 5 watchlists with each 15 stocks
    5. They do not have any default NIFTY50 watch list.
    1. 5paisa offer very very high exposure for delivery trades
    2.5 paisa not square off the position on the 5 th day directly. You can extend your holdings position for more than 5 days also by email request.
    3. They offer very less brokerage.FLAT 10 Rs per order
    4. 5paisa offers recommendations to buy and sell in cash, future and options5
    5.5paisa has default NIFTY 5o watchlist and dash board updated regarding market
    6. 5paisa has 3 watch list of 50 each . So you can add almost 150 stocks.
    7. Chat facility in android phones .
    8.Research recommendations in mobile. the only discount broker who offers recommendations.
    9..Huge exposure margin for delivery trades.
    10. Instant Exposure against cash and holdings. No margin request procedure requried from Clients.
    11. Add watchlist segment wise.

    12.No backoffice webpage dependancy. All payin , payout and statements are available in the APP.
    and so oon.

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