IRDAI No to Max Fin HDFC life merger in present form is Good Decision for small investers

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    IRDA has said ,No to merger of Max Fin HDFC life in present form.It has said that this merger will benefit one promoter only in its present form.This is a good move for small investers from IRDA.First it will put some break on permoters taking advantage over small investors in striking deals.HDFC has also spoiled it's name by trying to benefit permoters of Max Finance as clearly indicated by IRDA. Also one should hope that HDFC life will keep it away from such small investers unfriendly move ,so now you can hope for IPO of HDFC life in near future.IPO of HDFC insurance may be good news for small investers.I also feel this will help more money flow to ICICI Insurance,as there is no hope of immediate competion for this in listed stock market .
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