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    May 29, 2015
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    Can anyone check the stock in intraday trading..

    I m using axisdirect.. and its not allowing me to trade on intraday,,
    just disappointed because if that stock i was able to do intraday i would gained 100rs per share.

    so pls check in any other brokerages

    And also any views on the stock it jumped from 238rs to 730rs in just one month..
    Astonishing gain of 213% in just one month..

    Thanks and regards
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    May 29, 2015
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    Many brokerages ban many low quality scripts in the interest of preventing their clients from making losses. You can check with your brokerage and they would send you a list of scripts that are banned from trading on their platform. It is generally a well intended practice as this saves innocent investors from investing in scripts that are of dubious quality.
    Regarding the movement of the script, there is nothing in the script that would demand such an upward movement in basically a falling market.When the movement is so sharp without any news or any change of fundamentals in the stock, one can assume there might be an operator play in it. There are better quality stocks in the market which are much cheaper and would provide you better returns over the long term.