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    Portfolio of Vijay Kedia as of 30.09.2015

    Stock % of Co's equity Nos of shares
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    Where is the list ????
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    Vijay Kedia has a portfolio which is pretty well diversified and is holding below stocks (among others) -

    (1) Repro India -
    Sector - Printing and Stationary sector
    Entry Price - 300 (approx)
    Rationale - Repro India is into a business of content aggregation and content dissemination. Repro can bring the complete disruption within the education system. The overall dynamics of the education is rapidly changing (from hard books to e-books etc) and they have been gearing to align their business with the help of technology to reap the benefits in future.

    There are 4 pillars which can be a growth engine for Repro in times to come
    (a) RAPPLES
    Repro has heavily invested into a product exclusively owned by Repro called RAPPLES which I think was released during 2014-15 in the book fair show held in Delhi. Rapples is one of their path breaking digital initiatives with pre-loaded textbooks on a tablet, will help them to build strong relationships with schools. This solution will help their clients (publishing companies) reach their digital content to schools, thereby increasing Repro's sales and profitability.

    (b) Strong tie-ups with e-tailing business
    Repro has done collaboration with leading publishing houses within the country and outside (they have strong presence in the African market where the quality of education is very poor). On the content dissemination side, they have collaborations with schools, colleges etc. The also have a concept of "zero opportunity lost" where in they even cater to the book orders (users might place orders from eCommerce site like amazon, flipkart etc) which is as low as just 1 unit and they ensure the delivery of 1 unit within 24-48 hours. And it is due to this kind of business model, they really don't need to maintain any inventory of book and thus avoiding cost associated with maintaining the inventories.

    (c) Tie-ups with Schools -
    Repro has been working closely with education publishers to make available enhanced educational material to schools everywhere. They have been working aggressively to increase their penetration in schools.

    (c) Penetration into African market
    The African education market, worth almost half a billion dollars, needs large scale content solutions. Repro have a presence in nearly 22 countries and a deep understanding of the Government processes. They enable Indian publishers to make their content available in African countries through their strong relationships.

    (2) Sudarshan Chemicals
    Sector - Speciality Chemicals
    Entry Price - 55-60 range (originally he bought massive chunk of shares at 40 rupees in 2014, when no body was even talking about chemical sector. He added another chunk of shares at 80-82 range. I am assuming his average buying price would be in the range of 55-60 rupees.
    Rationale - (a) He has been tracking this stock from 20-25 years. (b) He has great deal of confidence in the management of the business (this is his first criteria to shortlist any business worth considering).
    (c) Chemical sector has been laggard in terms of its performance from past 15+ years.
    (d) China's slowdown and most of the chemical business being shut down in china and globally due to pollution being on rise, Indian chemical businesses can capitalize on it and rise on the growth trajectory.

    (3) Aries Agro
    Sector - Agri & Fertilizer
    Entry Price - 116 (approx)
    Rationale - Not too sure about his rationale for buying this stock.

    (4) TCPL Packaging
    Sector - Packaging
    Entry Price - 552 (approx)
    Rationale - Packaging business is poised to grow at a healthy rate due to eCommerce business boom.

    (5) Heritage Foods
    Sector - Food industry
    Entry Price - 456
    Rationale - This is a Hyderabad based company owned by Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu. They are into variety of business like (a) Dairy Business (b) Retail Business (c) Agri Business (d) Bakery Business (e) Renewable Energy
    From their annual reports, it looks like they are dominant player into South India (AP, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala), Maharashtara, Odisha, Haryana Rajasthan and Delhi NCR. North part of India specially for Delhi, they have very aggressive plan and vision for FY 2020 which is
    to accelerate the growth of the Company aiming to be a nationally recognized brand with healthy & fresh products with a revenue of 6000 Cr by 2020. Presently it has a mcap of around 1000 crores which its revenue is around 2000 crores and this gap between marketcap to sales will eventually catch up later and thus a good investment opportunity.

    (6) Speciality Restaurant
    Sector - Hotel Industry
    Entry Price - I don't ahve any idea about entry price
    Rationale - It seems, this business is currently struggling due to the input cost being very high (majority of the foods which they were serving is Chinese). Business is working hard to revive the company which Mr Vijay Kedia believe that company will be able to deliver on performance although it might take time.

    (7) Amrutajan
    Sector - Health care
    Entry Price - 396
    Rationale - Very old brand, good management, business have seen many phases of bull and bear cycle.

    (8) Apcotex Industries Limited

    (9) Atul Auto Limited - Atual Auto is one of his biggest multibagger of all times. Atul auto needs no introduction. He bought this stock long back and got around 6000+ % return on this stock.

    (10) Cera Sanitaryware Limited - Again quality stock which he bought long back. As per Vijay's logic, consumption demand in future will take this business to new highs. Although it is trading at a very high valuations currently. Not sure of his entry price but he has gained around 2000 % return of this one.

    (11) STEWARTS LLOYDS OF INDIA LTD - Not sure of his entry price neither I am sure about his rationale behind getting into this business.

    Plus there are many more stocks in his portfolio which I am not aware of.

    Out of the above mentioned stocks, I am also holding (and slowly increasing my stake into these businesses) below stocks (apart from others which constitute my core portfolio).

    Repro India - I am very bullish on this stock due to the reasons mentioned above
    Sudharshan Chemicals - I am bullish on overall chemical sector and specifically on specialty and agro chemical sectors.
    TCPL Packaging
    Heritage Foods

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    Portfolio of famous investors helps me in understanding which stocks are good to invest in. Also it helps in designing a wise portfolio.
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    Dear members, kindly share your stock sip methods, which will help the small investors like me.
    Number of stocks in the portfolio, time frame, buying strategies, investment amount, allocation for each stocks,... etc
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    It helps me to understand which stock is good for investing and trading.