Long-term Growth Portfolio - Aggressive and Moderate

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    I have 2 portfolios, 1st one is mine and the other is my wife's. I'm managing both of them, surprising my wife's portfolio is doing much better than mine :)

    I have been investing from last 3 years and learnt a lot during this period. One reason my wife's portfolio is doing well is that I invested in better companies from start and not shuffled much (also think she has more luck than me), whereas I invested more on risky bets and shuffled quite a bit. I believe I'm done with shuffling now, and more comfortable holding on to my current portfolio. I'm a long time investor and would like to hear your feedback.

    Portfolio 1 (Growth / Aggressive):
    ABFRL - good brand portfolio, growing middle class, blue chip in the making
    Century Plywood - playing on unorganized to organized, one sector where 80-90% is unorganized
    Delta Corp - risky bet, big upside possible, only listed company in thsi sector
    Edelweiss - housing finance and AMC, huge scope in this sector for the next 10-15 years
    Future Consumer - GST beneficiary, blue chip FMCG in making
    Future Retail - big opportunity in retail
    Granules India - high growth pharma company
    Grasim - value unlocking, AB capital de-merger
    Kitex Garments - growth company, not doing well in the last one year, will wait for 1 / 2 quarters
    Motilal - housing finance and AMC, huge scope in this sector for the next 10-15 years
    Piramal - good management in good business, a compounder
    TCI Express - beneficiary of GST, high growth logistics company

    Portfolio 2 (Growth / Moderate):
    Dewan Housing - bullish on NBFCs, good tailwind in this sector
    Fortis Healthcare - bullish on hospital / healthcare and value unlocking possible (de-merger of SRL diagnostics)
    Yes Bank - High growth bank, still huge scope to grow
    Nandan Denim - huge capex done in the last 1-2 years, largest manufacturers of denim in the world
    TVS Motors - good company in auto sector, also a rural play
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