Most Tax Hungry Modi GOVT is dreaming of increasing LTCG tax to 20%

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    Introduction of 10% LTCG tax has already spoiled Stock market and investors has lost huge money after Modi Govt worst Budget ever in Indian history, but now Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhiya has told that in future LTCG tax may be raised to 20% like other assets real estate etc with indexation. I would like to know reaction of the investors on this,I always maintained that every tax start with low-rate like slow poison and then approaches peak rates. But I would just say this(dreaming of increasing LTCG tax to 20%) is Mugerei lal ke Hasseen Sapnne(Govt dream of sucking more taxes) , as party heading this Govt may face rough times in next elections due to series of Economic Blunders and its anti Salary, anti middle class acts during its four year rule and its future dreaded plans(to increase LTCG tax to real estate level 20% with indexation ) to knock out Indian economy.
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