Nandan Denim - ‘We’re trying to create a world-class company’

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    What kind of capacity are we probably talking about in a year’s time?

    We have been expanding all through these 10 years. In the last phase, we implemented a ₹612-crore expansion plan which would take our capacity from 70 million to 110 million-metre per annum capacity. We are going to add an additional 10 million metres of a cotton shirting product, which is also expected to be the next growth engine for us. We are also doing backward, vertical as well as lateral integration. We are trying to make a world-class company which is geared to meet the demands of the next decade too. As this is a fashion product we are talking about, we are investing a lot, not only on hardware but also on software, for market research, understanding and delivering the fashion aspect. So a lot of effort is being put into those areas and we will continually strive to do that. The next couple of years are planned to be in this direction.