Navin Fluorine International- Sailing from Chemical Sector to Pharma...

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    Navin Flourine has been producing Flourine Gas used in Refrigerator since 1969.
    It has 4 Business Units - Refrigeration, Inorganic Flourides, Specialty Fluorochemicals, CRAMS
    As the company's sales continue to move towards CRAMS & Specialty Chemicals, the ROCE will increase gradually.

    But there is another side to this story...
    Promoter holdings are around 31%, which is less than the share holdings of Mutual Funds in the company. Nevertheless, the company is cleverly getting the resolution passed.
    Promoter sells shares of 25 Crore Rs for Charity, while a company like Navin has spent Rs. 3 Crores annually on CSR.

    Video in Hindi presented below. Cheers.