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    Dear expert,

    I need your valuable opinion on the mutual funds I have selected.
    I am 34 year software engineer looking for financial freedom as soon as possible.
    I am going to invest in mutual fund with monthly SIP of 50 K for > 7 years in mutual fund. The target I want to reach is 2 crore(with indexation) for financial freedom within 7- 10 years. Consider me moderately aggressive investor.

    Kindly go through my portfolio below and provide your valuable opinion on the funds selected. Help would be extremely appreciated.


    The Portfolio aggregates(as analysed by valueresearchonline) for capital based category are: Giant (29.07%), Large Cap(14.60%), Midcap(34.03), Smallcap(20.90).

    Sectorial division are : Financial(24%), Construction(11.7%), Energy(9%), Chemicals(8%), FMCG(8%), Automobile(7%), Energy(7%) ….

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