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    We are pleased to announce a new feature called Latest Stock Market News which will help you keep an eye on all the important stuff

    This feature aggregates stock market related news items from various sources such as The Economic Times, The Financial Express, Business Standard, Business Line, Mint,, IIFL, Value Pickr Forum, RJ Fan Club, Traderji, Twitter etc.

    The news feed is refreshed every 60 minutes.

    The advantage of the feature is that one can keep an eye on the latest information and focus only on what one is interested in without being distracted by irrelevant information. Clicking on the link will take you to the site hosting the original content.

    You can also use the search button to find news on topics that interest you.

    The feature is still under beta testing and there may be several bugs in it.

    There is also a lot of scope for improvement, including adding several other news sources.

    If you spot any bugs, or if you have any comments/ suggestions, or if you would like to more news sources to be added, please comment below or send us a mail at

    Click here to go to Latest Stock Market News
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