Nifty Option Strategy for the November series by IIFL

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    IIFL Securities has recommended a new Idea for November series of Nifty Options that you can benefit from:

    A. Sell 1 lot of Nifty 12,000PE @ Rs 48 & Buy 1 lot of Nifty 11,700PE @ Rs 24.

    B. Sell 1 lot of Nifty 13,300CE @ Rs 40 & Buy 1 lot of Nifty 13,600CE @ Rs 14


    · Total Premium that would be received: Rs 50

    · Stop Loss: Rs 100

    · Target Price: Rs 1

    This is a short gamma spread, that is, a price movement within the selling strike prices would yield a positive payoff. If the strategy is followed, you will stand to gain if Nifty expires below 13,350, or subsequently above 11,950.

    Expiry Date: November 26, 2020.

    Previous Recommendations:

    IIFL's clients have regularly benefited from Idea2Act strategies, which has a strike rate of 94%!!
    16 out of the past 17 recommendations have been positive and 1 open call.

    Date Strategy P&L Amount Pos / Neg
    7-May-20 Option strategy to ride the current volatility 13,500 Pos
    11-May-20 Eicher Motors - Trading strategy 10,200 Pos
    1-Jun-20 Nifty / Banknifty - Positional Trading strategy 2,850 Pos
    3-Jun-20 HUL - Trading strategy 6,000 Pos
    8-Jun-20 Bank Nifty - Positional Trading strategy 1,200 Pos
    15-Jun-20 Bank of Baroda - Trading strategy 5,400 Pos
    1-Jul-20 Nifty - Positional Trading strategy 8,625 Pos
    3-Jul-20 LIC Housing Finance - Trading strategy 14,000 Pos
    10-Jul-20 Bank Nifty option strategy for July series 3,100 Pos
    3-Aug-20 Nifty/Bank Nifty strategy for August Expiry 3,200 Pos
    10-Aug-20 Bank Nifty - Option strategy for August series 2,060 Pos
    11-Aug-20 Bharti Infratel - Option strategy (12,600) Neg
    28-Aug-20 Nifty - Option strategy for September series 4,090 Pos
    15-Sep-20 Bank Nifty - Option strategy for September series 4,080 Pos
    16-Sep-20 Mah & Mah - Trading strategy 8,190 Pos
    6-Oct-20 Bank Nifty Option strategy for the October series 4,400 Pos
    29-Oct-20 Nifty Option Strategy ahead of the US Election Results 6,000 Pos
    9-Nov-20 Bank Nifty Option Strategy for the November series

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