Poor Public transport Sector is result of Poor Governess under your influence of Auto Sector

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    When ever petrol prices go higher there is debate over it. Petrol is consuming major portion of our foreign currency. Every body know that public is forced to use pvt vehicles to commute due to Poor Public transport sector. It seems no State or Central Govt till date has taken interest to improve Public Transport. It seems all Govts are so much under influence of Auto Sector lobby that no-one is interested to overhaul this. More over media is also mostly avoiding this discussion for obvious reason. When Modi Govt is ready to throw away huge money on BULLET TRAINS, Why that or equal or more amount can not be spent to improve public transport. That will help in reducing consumption of petrol and diesel. As demand and supply determine prices, reduced demand will reduce prices.Modi and BJP promised Ache Din, if I they can do this at least we shall be a step closer to Ache Din . But there are many dramas by political parties to invite suggestions, But will Modi Govt listen this Golden Suggestion lying in Dust Bin since 1947 for Sake of India. With only this single suggestion , Country can reduce huge quantum of petrol import bill, which will strengthen rupee for ever.
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    No political will is not there in our country by politicians. That is sad reality of our country.
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