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    GST Bill will be presented in the Lower House and RBI policy is in focus as well. Considering the performance of Indian economy in last quarter, street must not be expecting any dramatic policy by RBI or even hardly any possibility of surprises, but the future commentary will be in focus. Till the time, companies have posted quarter results as per the street expectations. Banks are disclosing their NPAs in this quarter but buying pressure has been witnessed as well.

    India's macro conditions are improving, more so because of positive events like the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill getting passed and monsoon significantly increasing kharif and rabi volumes. Cement is the only sector to have great play from state government investments, housing projects, broad-based construction activities and agricultural constructions; it is running on capacity utilisation of over 80 percent in most parts of the country. The current valuations definitely build in a lot of optimism in terms of secular growth opportunities and improving ratios, if looked at the NBFCs, which is actually very true. However, given that India is under banked and credit to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio is pretty low and we have Indian consumer who has fairly high disposable incomes at this point in time given the low inflation and the ability to leverage, so that is going to drive a lot of retail focus in NBFCs in terms of growth.
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    RBI Governor said its impact could be assessed only after the GST rate is decided and inflation could be short-lived as seen in many other countries.