Remain Invested in only Quality, uncertainty will make it more costly

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    There is uncertainty politically locally post 2019 Election and globally due to Trump. But equity as asset will remain and more money may flow in equities, so better to remain invested in Quality stocks. Many of mutual funds and PMS are hugely underperforming index, So naturally they may also have to shift to Quality from small and mid cap momentum after bloody nose post budget. Now I see more churning from third and second grade stocks to Top Grade Quality stocks. I had already positioned my portfolio accordingly and have Sound Sleep in this Carnage . More concentrated buying in Quality Stocks will make them more costly as India is a growing economy and 1.3 billion consumers to support that. If some one is still interested in small and mid cap companies, it is better to go for good two or three small and mid cap funds through SIP and time horizon should be 5 years or beyond, and small and mid cap portfolio should be restricted below 30% of total portfolio. These are only My personal views and based on what I am doing and no recommendation to buy or sell as always.
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    Can you kindly name some quality stocks which can be included in the portfolio with a long term view?
    My portfolio is also bleeding due to midcaps. Need to buy some growth stocks to repair it back to normal.
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    Dilip Buildcon (infra story)
    Jamna Auto (auto in india going great)
    Ashok Leyland (auto in india going great)
    Repco Home Finance (nbfc story strong in india)
    8k Miles (fell due to false news, IT story strong)
    Granules India (potential 100 bagger by Motilal, generics market reviving)
    Apex Frozen (temporary pause, shrimp prices now increasing, operating at full capacity)
    LT Overseas (future multibagger, rice consuption increasing in India & abroad, demand for premium basmati high)

    Apart from this, some anchor stocks like HDFC Bank, Asian Paints & Voltas will provide stability.
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