Scalper Vijay Thakre made Rs 20 Lakhs from scalping Bank Nifty (50% gain in one day)

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    Given the volatile nature of the markets, scalping can be a highly profitable activity if one can master it. Yesterday, a scalper made Rs. 20 Lakhs on the Bank Nifty which is an incredible 50% of the capital deployed in the trade. He has explained his precise technique & we can also learn from it

    Scalping appears to a very easy activity from a distance. One rapidly buys and sells options, depending on the movement of the Indices, and books profits or losses.

    However, the reality is that one must have the ability to accurately read the direction of the market. Also, one must have sharp reflexes to instantly place buy or sell orders.

    Vijay Thakre, a noted scalper, has nerves of steel even when he is dealing with large sums of money. It appears he is able to read the markets well. He holds on to his positions despite big MTM losses.

    Yesterday, he was holding nearly 20,000 units of the Bank Nifty. Though the markets were as usual topsy turvy, he held on tight to his positions. He also advised his audience that the day would test their "conviction" as traders.

    By the EOD, the Bank Nifty had zoomed nearly 600 points and Vijay Thakre took home Rs. 20 lakhs. He revealed that his capital for the day was about Rs. 40 lakhs which means that his return is 50%.

    He has documented the live trades in the video below.

    Naturally, he received accolades from his followers on twitter.

    Vijay Thakre has explained the entire technique of scalping in a F2F interview with Vijay Bajaj.

    He has also revealed details of the various indicators he uses on the trading screen to be able to read the direction of the market.