Solar Industries - An Explosive Chemical Company!

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    Solar Industries India is mainly involved in manufacturing a full range of industrial explosives.
    Mining, Infrastructure, Exports and Defense are its key business divisions.
    The growth of Solar Industries is strongly linked to the economy.

    Stringent rules behind the business and freedom to set its own prices(being a private company), are the main strengths of this company.

    Both Promoter and Mutual Funds together own about 95% stake in Solar Industries. The small investor holds only 3% shares. This indicates low float, and is generally a positive sign.

    Solar Industries is primarily a family owned company.
    The main three people in the company take the same salary, that too for many years, whatever their designation. However their total remuneration seems well within limits.

    Solar Industries was initially a trader of explosives, and has slowly transformed to manufacturing explosives.However, in an effort to become a manufacturer of merchants for Explosives, Solar Industries has once appointed people whose work was earlier(before retirement) to allow the company to inspect and manufacture Explosives. This is probably a serious matter.