Sunil Hitech Engineering ltd

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    Jun 22, 2015
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    I was researching about this company last week and thought let me share the information which I got. This company is in the power infrastructure/non power infrastructure. The company has revenues of around 1800 crores with order book of 3584 crores in hand .The management has increased their stake in this fiscal year. The company was mainly into power infrastructure before two years. When the industry got affected, the top line got affected. Then the company changed into vision of creating more non power order books such as building roads, schools, bridges etc. Also like other companies who try to grab as much orders they can, this company bids for orders only for high margins . They dont just bid for all orders. The order book thry have right now which is of 3500 crores , the management has said it is full of hgh margin orders . 53% of order book is from power infrastructure and 47% is from non power business. They turned the entire business focus which was having 80% of power infraorder book before 3 years. This company ebita for past 4 years is 100+ crores and the company market cap today is just 445 crores (around).The company has debt around 300 crore. With the ebita comparision i feel debt is not a problem. guess this would be a good cyclical stock as india needs huge infrastructure to be done.

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