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    Tarsons Products is poised for strong growth supported by inimitable business model. Its strong, well-diversified distribution network provides major competitive advantage. It is among few players with strong global presence & has huge opportunity in export market

    Over FY22–25E, we expect Tarsons to register a CAGR of ~19% in revenue, led by (a) strong growth in the domestic industry along with expansion in target addressable markets, (b) opportunity in the export market (Tarsons is among a few players with global presence), (c) strong pan-India distribution network, and (d) strong expansion plans. The company is expected to record ~19% CAGR in EBITDA, along with slight expansion in margin, supported by robust revenue growth and economy of scale. PAT is expected to increase at ~18% with healthy RoCE of ~26% in FY25E.

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