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    TCI Express started in 1996 as a division of Transport Corporation of India Limited (TCIL), catering to Express delivery. On 1 st April 2016, this department split from TCI as a new company TCI Express in the share market (Demerger).

    TCI Express has adopted Uber / Ola's Asset Light Business Model. It does not own trucks, but enters into long term rental agreement with the Truck owners. This results in a high ROCE Business(35%-45%) in a brutal sector. It has plans to invest Rs.400 Crores, over 5 years, primarily into establishing and automating its sorting centres, which would definitely strengthen the network of the company in future. GST will naturally help the company in future, owing to its pan india presence.

    TCI Express is a family owned company.
    Mr. Chander Agarwal is the Managing Director of TCI Express Company. He is the younger son of D P Agarwal, who is the Chairman & Managing Director of Transport Corporation of India Ltd.
    Among his various interests include printing his own interview(in third person) from his profile in Social Media.
    He once had a habit to remind himself after a few months that he is the precious gem behind TCI Express's success.

    In one of his exclusive interviews to himself, he has told
    "Talking about his personal life, he is one of those persons who even after touching newer heights in his career with each passing day, is one of the most down to earth person. His down to earth nature is the reason for his success, all his decisions are made keeping in mind his nation, customers, employees, family and the community he is living in."

    It thus comes as no surprise when the remuneration of this down-to-earth person's crosses regulatory limit of 5% of Net profit of the company. To be fair, he has decided to give up his 3 months salary due to Coronavirus, while ensuring rest of the company get their normal salary.

    So, here is the point :- If the company is actually good, but you have a promoter like this , what do you do ?
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    Very good video report on TCI Exp. I have big holding of stock in portfolio and it is giving good gain :).

    I got share on demerger of TCI (I sold off TCI).
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