Value Stocks in an overheated market??

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    IIn the multitude of many, there is Wisdom". So this thread !!
    In a market as overheated as this, r there some value stocks? I list my picks.. would love your valuable comments

    (a) Reliance Capital - One of the most undervalued NBFC picks in an overheated space

    (b) PFS- PTC India financials - Di\espite showing consistent growth and settling its NPA issue, stock is quoting at 1 time Book Value

    (c) Swelect Systems - Having sold Numeric for 600 Croroes and generating profits of around 50 Cr a year, this solar company continues to llanguish at less than its book value. A good dividend stock too

    (d) Rattan India Power. Has a thermal power portfolio of around 3200 MW. At Rs 6 Cr per MW minimum, the assets are worth 19200 Crores.Further, it has a solar power portfolio of 700 MW. That comes to around 2800 Crores. Though the cpy has debt of 11000 Crores, it is valued at a market cap of 2800 Cr. Enterprise value of 13800 Crores. Almost 60% of net asset value. If Nashik plant which has a PPA under litigation is sold off, the share is likely to get re-rated to market multiples, in my opinion.