Views on LT Foods and Ashok leyland in long term view (say 2022 & above)

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  1. Bandham Manikanta

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    Sep 23, 2018
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    Please share your views on LT Foods and Ashok leyland for long term.

    Also please clarify the below query as well.
    Is there any benifit if we hold stocks of a company say 5 years. only the last 2 years company performing well, not the first 3 years. ?

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  2. Pee Vee

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    Sep 2, 2018
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    Both companies are sound in terms of their fundamentals. LT Foods is one of the leaders in the branded Basmati rice segment ('Daawat'). They are also making a foray into snack foods and should do well.

    Ashok Leyland is a market leader in commercial vehicles. This is a cyclical sector which is now looking up. So, this should also do well.

    I think the question to be asked is why the performance in the last 2 years has improved and whether the improvement will continue in future as well. Also, whether the improvement is priced into the stock valuations or not.